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Emerald & Diamanté Circle 1940s Brooch by McClelland Barclay

Emerald & Diamanté Circle 1940s Brooch by McClelland Barclay


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2" diameter




c.1941 (per Brunialti)


"McClelland Barclay"


See Brunialti, p.44, for "Moderne" collection

This vintage emerald brooch, designed by McClelland Barclay, has two layers. On the bottom is a curved, rhodium-plated base with a pin and roll-over safety clasp. The top layer has faceted, emerald-cut emerald-glass stones, emerald baguettes, and diamanté accents, all set in a spiraling rhodium-plated frame. As with all of this designer’s creations, this 1940s piece  is well-constructed with a hefty weight. I’ve shown this jewel positioned in different ways, so you can choose which you prefer. Note that the Barclay’s name rather than the maker’s is marked on the brooch.

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