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Onyx, Diamanté & Sterling Wachenheimer Bros. Bracelet

Onyx, Diamanté & Sterling Wachenheimer Bros. Bracelet


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Wachenheimer Bros.


6 7/8" x 3/8"








1933-1934 ads in "The Jewelers\' Circular"

This Wachenheimer Bros bracelet has faceted, square-cut onyx-glass stones channel-set in sterling silver, with engraved edges and diamanté-studded clasps. This jewel was made in two sections, with identical fold-over clasps in both places. The type of clasp dates this piece to the early 1930s, after the company stopped using their Diamonbar trademark and near the end of their production. This bracelet was made for a slim wrist, so please note the bracelet length (6 7/8″) and check your wrist size before purchasing this piece. The last photo shows it along with two other line bracelets – bracelets like these were commonly worn in multiples. Scroll down to see their details as well as other onyx jewels to wear with this lovely one.

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