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Diamanté German Snake Chain Necklace

Diamanté German Snake Chain Necklace


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14 1/2" x 5/8" (at widest)






"DoSo" on link; "GERMANY" on clasp

This snake chain necklace from Germany has a curved centerpiece with a Machine Age-look. The white-metal links with channel-set stones are separated by trios of flat-metal links. All are connected with flat disks at the top and bottom (probably to cover a connecting chain). At each end is a triangle-shaped element formed by two long and one short link with channel-set stones. This piece closes with a spring-ring clasp. Although I had always associated snake chains with the 1940s, I just learned that they were first introduced in 1850. This necklace has a maker’s mark, but I have been unable to identify the company. Although this necklace was made for a slim neck (the length is 14 1/2″), you could add a chain extender if needed. The absence of an adjustable closure makes me think this piece was made before the 1950s. Scroll down to see a bracelet by the same maker.

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